iPad Repairs Melbourne

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Your iPad won’t turn on. You dropped your iPad in water. It won’t charge. You have a damaged screen. You have cracks on the screen. Music won’t play. Button needs a replacement. Has your iPad air been giving you problems lately? If you are looking for reliable iPad repairs in Melbourne, we, at JMC Computers, are the only repair store you get your iPad repaired at.

Many people try to fix issues at home, which in turn result in the iPad air getting more damaged and you spending more than what it would have cost you by getting it repaired from a professional. Entrust us with your repair service. We have a fix for every problem! We have a team of experts and technicians who have many years of experience in iPad repairs in Melbourne. If you are unsure as to what the problem really is with your iPad air, you can drop by and show your device to our experts. They will take very less time to figure out the problem, and also give you an estimate of how much it would cost you to get it repaired and also help your understand our repair services.

iPad Screen Repair Melbourne

Cracked or damaged screen is a pain, and using a broken iPad pro with a cracked screen is quite frustrating and a complete waste of time. You do not have to deal with this added problem in your daily life when you can simply get it repaired in Melbourne!
We do all kinds of iPad screen repairs in Melbourne, including South Yarra, and Malvern East. We have a team of trained professionals who are experts in handling all kinds of screen repairs. So be it any model of iPad, we have a fix!

So, call us or drop by for a quick and cost-effective solution. You need go anywhere else for your iPad repair service in Melbourne when you have us!

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What We Repair?

We have fixes for all kinds of problems, be it battery replacement, screen & screen glass replacement, water damage, camera replacement, charging port replacement, home button replacement, logic board repair, among many others. If you are not sure of what the problem is, bring it to JMC Computers for a free assessment. We specialise in repairing all Apple iPad models, like iPad pro and iPad air. When it comes iPad repair services in Melbourne, we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

iPad Screen Replacement

Need a screen replacement? Drop by our store with your iPad pro and iPad air, and we will replace the screen quickly and at a very reasonable charge. You have nothing to worry when you have us offering the best iPad repairs in Melbourne.

iPad Screen Glass Replacement

Is your screen glass of iPad air too old or has a lot of scratches on it? Do you need a screen glass replacement? We have all types of screen glasses and can replace it quickly with state of art repair service.

iPad Battery Replacement

Is the battery of your tab giving problems? Is the battery draining quickly or not getting charged? Do not worry, we have a stock of iPad pro and iPad air batteries and can replace it with a new battery for you the same day. Contact us for affordable and quality battery replacement and iPad repairs in Melbourne.

iPad Charging Port Replacement

Is your iPad air not getting charged? Is the charging port damaged? It probably needs a replacement or charging port repair. Show it to us and we will quickly replace it for you.

Home Button Replacement

Is your home button on your iPad pro or iPad air not working? We can replace it for you. Or bring it in for a free assessment of the problem. You give the device to us only when you are convinced of the cost and solution!

iPad Logic Board Repair

Is your device giving a problem lately? Do you think the logic board of your device needs a repair? We can fix the logic board, and you only pay if we are able to fix it!

iPad Water Damage Repair

If you dropped your iPad air or iPad pro in water or dropped liquid on it by mistake, the first thing you should do is stop using it. Turn it off and bring it to us for repair the very same day. We can repair your device! For best iPad repairs in Melbourne, contact us today!


How much does it cost to replace an iPad screen in Melbourne?

iPad’s is a huge necessity in a daily life of many students. Students use it for note-taking, graphic designing, and even for illustrating. However, due to the busy schedule, a quick mishap and the iPad pro may drop down to the floor, crashing the screen. If the screen on your iPad breaks by mistake, you can repair it for an out-of-warranty charge. The Apple warranty does not cover any accidental injury. The Apple warranty covers the screen if it cracks due to a manufacturing flaw. An iPad screen replacement in Melbourne depends on various factors. The cost of iPad screen repair by Apple may cost you a fortune. One can always opt for iPad repairs by companies like JMC computers who do it at a fraction of the price while delivering it quickly. After all, who has the time and patience to wait two weeks for their gadgets to come by! At JMC Computers, we offer quick and most affordable iPad repairs Melbourne for all iPad models.

A refurbished Apple iPad air or iPad pro will cost the same amount that will be needed to repair a cracked iPad. It is to be noted that here the screen repair is not possible. The screen of the iPad has to be replaced essentially for it to work. Screens do come by costly due to which the prices mount to a lot. However, if you want to replace the screen, you can go for JMC computers who repair everything under the roof. They do screen replacements, liquid damage repairs, software damage repair, and more.