MacBook Logic Board Repair Melbourne

When looking for affordable and reliable Macbook logic board repair in Melbourne, JMC Computers is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind. We are the most trusted and specialised repair service provider. We offer the most affordable Macbook repairs in Melbourne. So, save time and save money and your Macbook repair from us. For a quick and cost-effective repair service, reach out to us. We repair all sorts of damages and faults, like battery replacement, water damage, screen replacement, logic board repair, etc.

Our expert technicians are certified and skilled professionals who pay the utmost attention to every detail when it comes to repairing almost every problem with your Apple devices. No matter what issue you are facing, get your device checked with a quick and comprehensive inspection from our experts and get the best possible solution at the most reasonable cost. We strive for complete satisfaction with our most trusted and finest Macbook repair in Melbourne.

When the Apple store is quoting a price you can’t afford, contact us for a quick and affordable gadget fix. We have expertise in fixing all Mac model and laptops of every brand and make at the most reasonable price. For an excellent service, reach out to us today!

Mac Motherboard Repair & Replacement

Sometimes the logic board needs a repair. We, at JMC Computers, are experts in doing that. Our team of independent technicians are trained in all Macbook logic board repair using micro soldering techniques. They first dedicate time to understand the problem and only then start with the repair. We make it a point to not jump into solutions. Also, if there are any additional costs involved, we let you know beforehand. We also ensure that we use the best quality parts in the process of repair. Your existing Macbook logic board problem is fixed or the entire board replaced with a quality and fully functional one. Our expert technicians ensure the Mac components are of the highest quality and authentic when it comes to replacing them.

It was always better to get the logic board repair instead of getting a new logic board. Saves you money and saves the environment. We also give you warranty with our repair service. Should the logic board fail or not function properly, we will do it again or return you the money!

So call us today or drop by our store to get a quick and reliable macbook logic board repair! At JMC Computers, we strive for best quality repair service and complete customer satisfaction within your budget.

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What We Repair?

We have fixes for all kinds of problems with computers and laptops, be it battery replacement, screen repair, water damage, charging port replacement, logic board repair, CPU repair, graphics chip among many others. If you are not sure of what the problem is, bring it to us for a free assessment. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection on your computer and laptop to determine the problem and offer you the most affordable and excellent repair service in Australia. For a free quote today, reach out to us.

Macbook Screen Problems

Is your screen giving problems? You probably need a screen replacement? Drop by our store with your macbook, and we will replace the black screen quickly and at a very reasonable charge. You have nothing to worry when you have us, get it repaired in no time and experience our great service without burning a hole in our pocket!

Macbook Battery Replacement

Is the battery of your tab giving problems? Is the battery draining quickly or not getting charged? Do not worry, we have a stock of MacBook batteries and can replace it for you the same day.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Are some of the keys not working properly? Is your keyboard damaged? This may be because of a spill of liquid on the keyboard. It probably needs a replacement. Do not worry, we can quickly replace it for you.

Macbook Touch pad Replacement

Has your touch pad stopped working? Do you waste a lot of time trying to hover over icons? It probably needs a replacement. We can replace your touch pad in little time and effective cost.

Macbook Charging Port Replacement

Is your macbook not getting charged? Is the charging port damaged? It probably needs a replacement. Show it to us and we will quickly replace it for you.

Macbook Fan Replacement

If your macbook makes too much noise or gets overheated, it probably needs a fan replacement. We ensure that the machine will be opened carefully, and fan replacement won’t cause damage to other parts.

Macbook Logic Board Repair

Our team of independent technicians are trained in repairing logic boards of all macbooks using micro soldering techniques. We also ensure that we use the best quality parts in the process of repair. When it comes logic board repair service, we are the most trusted technicians with our excellent electronic knowledge and expertise.

Macbook Water Damage Repair

If you dropped water or caused any other type of liquid damage on your macbook by mistake, the first thing you should do is stop using it. Turn it off and bring it to us the very same day. We can totally repair your macbook when it comes liquid spill damage!

SSD HDD Hard Disk Upgrade

Want more memory for your mac? Then upgrading your hard disk could be a simple solution for this. It will make your macbook as good as new. No more storage problems! You can entrust us with your hard disk upgrade.

SSD Hard Drive

Are you facing storage problems? Then you probably need a hard drive for your macbook. An SSD is an ideal option for you if you are looking for speed and superior performance for your mac.

HDD Hard Drive

Are you facing storage problems? Do you need a cheap solution to the storage problem? We have got an HDD for your macbook. You can download heavy files and store a lot of data with the HDD Hard Drive.

Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal

Viruses have been a threat to data privacy, hardware, software and personal security. It also makes your Mac slow and you are distracted with unnecessary pop-ups. Do not worry, we can remove it for you. Through our virus/spyware/adware removal service, we ensure a faster and cleaner macbook for you.

Data Recovery

Have an accidental damage to your macbook? Has your macbook crashed? Then you must be looking for data recovery! Attempts by amateurs or non-professionals may cause a permanent loss of data, so it is important to get it data recovered by professionals.

Hard Disk drive data recovery

Hard disks have a high failure rate and may result in data loss. We understand how important your data may be to you which is why we quickly recover data from your hard drive at very reasonable prices. We also keep your data confidential.

Password Removal

Have you forgotten your password or has your macbook gone into EFI or iCloud? Do not worry we can unlock the device for you. And, we do not even have to dismantle the macbook. If we can’t remove the password, we will not charge you.


How much does it cost to replace an iPad screen in Melbourne?

iPad’s is a huge necessity in a daily life of many students. Students use it for note-taking, graphic designing, and even for illustrating. However, due to the busy schedule, a quick mishap and the iPad pro may drop down to the floor, crashing the screen. If the screen on your iPad breaks by mistake, you can repair it for an out-of-warranty charge. The Apple warranty does not cover any accidental injury. The Apple warranty covers the screen if it cracks due to a manufacturing flaw. An iPad screen replacement in Melbourne depends on various factors. The cost of iPad screen repair by Apple may cost you a fortune. One can always opt for iPad repairs by companies like JMC computers who do it at a fraction of the price while delivering it quickly. After all, who has the time and patience to wait two weeks for their gadgets to come by! At JMC Computers, we offer quick and most affordable iPad repairs Melbourne for all iPad models.

A refurbished Apple iPad air or iPad pro will cost the same amount that will be needed to repair a cracked iPad. It is to be noted that here the screen repair is not possible. The screen of the iPad has to be replaced essentially for it to work. Screens do come by costly due to which the prices mount to a lot. However, if you want to replace the screen, you can go for JMC computers who repair everything under the roof. They do screen replacements, liquid damage repairs, software damage repair, and more.

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