Mobile Phone Repair

When your phone stops working, you must consult an expert, whether the camera won’t start or the screen that stops responding. At JMC Computers, we specialise in repairing phones of all brands and models.

Mobile phone repair is a complex job that requires professional experience. People often try to DIY their way through a phone repair, causing more damage and spending more money on a basic repair. If your phone shows signs of an issue, like a cracked screen, water damage, frozen device, faulty speaker, etc., bring it to our expert technicians, who can provide detailed analysis. It will save you time and money you would otherwise spend on a new device or costly repair services. We are the most trusted mobile repair service shop in Melbourne, with years of experience and expertise in fixing all kinds of mobile phone faults. Get your Android or Apple device repaired at an affordable price.

If you’ve dropped your phone in liquid or spilled something on it, the first step would be to turn off the phone and wipe away fluids quickly. Dry it with a towel and a hairdryer if you have one. This could stop the water from going inside the system. Don’t turn on your device. Bring it to our shop immediately for inspection and possible repair. Manufacturer warranty often doesn’t cover liquid and physical damage, which means the repair can cost you an arm and a leg. To avoid burning a hole in your pocket to get your mobile phone repaired, contact us or drop by for a quick consultation.

Phone Screen Repair Melbourne

Regardless of how careful you are, phones can often slip and fall. It is not uncommon to find iPhones with broken screens. Devices that do not have a screen guard or protective casing on the outside have more chances of damage. When faced with such a dilemma, it is better to contact an expert technician than try fixing it yourself. We have the tools to get the job done efficiently.

JMC Computer prides itself on offering Melbourne’s most trusted and finest mobile phone screen repair. We are a team of experienced professionals who strive for excellence while providing affordable prices.

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Screen Replacement

This is one of the most common types of repairs requested by clients. Most times, repair work is usually done on the outer layer of the screen. However, depending on the severity of the damage, the screen’s connection to the motherboard might also have to be adjusted. Mobile devices typically use specialised or branded equipment not found in DIY hardware stores. You should bring the device to us because JMC suppliers provide us access to proprietary internals sourced from a standard global manufacturer.

Phone Battery Replacement

Batteries are often the first signs of wear after prolonged use. Even if you have efficiently operated a device by charging optimally and following a maintenance schedule, there are good chances that the battery will wear out before its full life. This happens because digital applications constantly drain the battery, with heavier apps like games drawing the most power. The battery is specific to the device size and specifications. However, several non-Apple devices share battery manufacturers. Drop by with your device for a closer inspection and accurate solutions.

Phone Charging Port Replacement

Many things can go wrong in a device, and this is one of those often overlooked areas during cleaning. Dust and lint can clog the charging port, causing the device to charge slowly or not pick up any juice. The port could also be damaged from a fall or forced use of the wrong changing cable. Regardless, we can solve your problem with a quick inspection.

Phone Camera Replacement

Whether it is blurry pictures or your phone camera not working correctly, our qualified technician will sort everything out after a quick inspection. A camera upgrade can do wonders for a device, giving a new purpose to an old model.

Home Button Replacement

A home button malfunction is arguably one of the scariest things to happen. This is because the button is often used to navigate around the device. There are a few alternatives to bypassing the button. Hence, you should bring your device into our shop for a closer look.

Phone Water Damage Repair

Water damage is fairly common and can be easily fixed by professionals. There are several protocol steps to follow before restarting a device after liquid damage. You will need help to troubleshoot all of it. Looking inside the damaged device is crucial to understand the issues clearly. You must bring your device to us if it has incurred liquid damage.

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