iPhone Repair Services Melbourne

If you need an iPhone repair in Melbourne, we are the only repair store you should visit. Many people try to fix issues at home, which in turn results in the phone getting damaged further and you spending more than what it would have cost you by giving it for repair to a professional.
Your phone won’t turn on. You dropped your phone in water. Your phone won’t charge. You have a damaged screen. You have cracks on the screen. Camera isn’t starting. Music won’t play. Button doesn’t work. We can fix all of these!We have a team of experts and technicians who have many years of experience in iphone repairs. If you are unsure as to what the problem really is with your phone, you can drop by and show your phone to our experts. They will quickly figure out the problem and give you an estimate of time and cost it would take to fix the problem.

So, call us or drop by for a quick and cost-effective solution. You need go anywhere else for your iPhone repair in Melbourne when you have us!

iPhone Screen Repair and Replacement Melbourne

Cracked or damaged screen is a pain, and using your phone the whole day with a cracked screen is quite frustrating and lowers your productivity. You do not have to deal with this added problem in your life when you can simply get it repaired!

We do all kinds of iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne. We have a team of trained professionals who are experts in handling all kinds of screen repairs. So be it any model of iPhone, we would have a fix!

Set up an appointment with a computer repair technician by filling out our online inquiry form today.

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Cracked Screen Replacement Melbourne

Your screen won’t work. You have a damaged or broken screen. You find it very time consuming to go to a store to get it fixed. So you keep postponing it!

We understand that you have reasons to do so, also fearing the cost of replacement of the screen. But, you have nothing to worry when you have us. Drop by our store with your phone, and we will replace the screen quickly and at a very reasonable charge. You do not have to spend the whole day without your phone. Our team of experts make sure they do the work efficiently and use top quality products on your phone.

So, next time you have an issue with your iPhone, call us or drop by for a quick repair!

What We Repair?

Whatever be the problem in your iPhone, we have a solution for everything.There is nothing we can’t fix. Just bring your phone to us for a free assessment, and we will tell you the estimated cost and time it would take for repair or replacement.

We provide the following repair services for iPhone-

iPhone Screen Replacement

Your screen has gone black. Your screen is cracked. The screen doesn’t work. You probably need a screen replacement! Drop by our store with your iPhone, and we will replace the screen quickly and at a very reasonable charge.

iPhone Ear Speaker

You get on a call with someone and realise you can’t hear them. And then you realise there is a problem with the ear speaker. You need to get that fixed soon! Bring it to us and we will either fix or replace it, whatever be the need.

Audio Port

You plug your earphones or headphones into your phone but are not able to hear anything. There is probably a problem with your audio port. Show it to us and we will tell you if it needs a fix or a replacement.

iPhone Battery

Is the battery of your phone draining quickly or not getting charged? Is the battery giving problems? Do not worry, we have a stock of iPhone batteries and can replace it for you the very same day.

iPhone Camera

Do you think your camera is damaged? Are you not getting good quality images from your camera? Do not worry, bring your iPhone to us for a free assessment. If we think it needs replacement, we can replace it quickly for you.

Home Button Replacement

Is your home button not working? We can replace it for you. Or bring it in for a free assessment of the problem. You give the device to us only when you are convinced of the cost and solution!

Loud Speaker

Loud speakers can sometimes suddenly stop working. You are not able to play music, talk on speaker or even watch a video without having to plug in earphones. And this can be very frustrating! Do not worry, we have a fix for this. We can repair your loudspeaker.

Power & Volume Buttons

Are the keys of your phone not working? Do you have to spend a lot of time trying to make them work? Then maybe they need a fix or a complete replacement? Show your phone to us and we will fix the keys for you!

iPhone Charging Port

Is your phone not getting charged? Is the charging port damaged? It probably needs a replacement! Show it to us and we will quickly replace it for you.