6 Things Mobile Repair Experts Would Not Tell You

Mobile phones have always been at the forefront over the years. With its advancement, many mobile repair stores have come into existence. Some are experts while others are seasoned technicians. However, there are a few key insights that no technicians would ever tell you. In this blog post, we unveil a collection of invaluable tips aimed at streamlining your repair experience and empowering you to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance or replacement of your device.

1. Have Your Passcode Handy
To provide efficient and effective service, we must access your phone’s passcode for assessment and repair. Before bringing your device in, please ensure you have your passcode readily available. This simple precaution will expedite the process and facilitate a smooth repair experience for both parties involved.

2. You Don’t Have To Make An Appointment
While scheduling an appointment with us is an option, it is not mandatory. Feel free to visit our shop inside Coburg market during operating hours and entrust your device to our skilled technicians for prompt assistance.

3. Keep Your Device On
Understanding the appropriate steps to take can significantly impact the outcome of your device’s restoration process. Unless your phone or device exhibits signs of water damage, there’s no need to power it down before bringing it in for repair. However, in the event of liquid damage, it is imperative to power off your device immediately to prevent further complications.

4. Soft Resets Can Solve Software Problems
If you’re experiencing glitches or encountering app and software issues on your phone, a soft reset may be the solution. It’s important to note that a soft reset differs from a hard reset.
A soft reset involves more than just restarting your device; it requires a specific button combination unique to each device. For instance, on iPhones, the process is generally uniform, albeit subject to variations based on the software version:

Press and quickly release the Volume Up Button.
Press and quickly release the Volume Down Button.
Press and hold the Side Button until the Apple logo appears.
Similarly, Android devices follow a comparable procedure, albeit with slight deviations depending on the model you own.

5. It’s Always Worth Considering A Repair
Occasionally, the extent of damage to your phone or device renders repair financially unfeasible, making replacement the optimal choice. However, such instances are infrequent. It’s advisable to explore repair alternatives and pricing options with JMC Computers before committing to purchasing a new or refurbished device. This proactive approach ensures informed decision-making tailored to your specific needs and budget.

6. Bring Your Device To Us
If you encounter issues with your phone, tablet, computer, or any electronic device, don’t hesitate to visit us at JMC Computers in Coburg. Our team of certified repair technicians is dedicated to providing prompt and effective assistance to address your concerns. We’re here to ensure your devices are up and running smoothly.

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