How To Make Your iPhone Last A Long Time?

In today’s modern age, owning a smartphone is a must. With the daily advancements in technology, if you don’t stay ahead of the curve, then unfortunately you’ll be left behind. Nowadays, smartphones have gotten so good that they can do anything you want them to – from online shopping to investing in the stock market to helping you stay connected on the go. 

Hence, if you want to avoid any unnecessary repair & maintenance costs for your iPhone, then you have to ensure that your iPhone lasts for an extended period. So, how can you make your iPhone increase its longevity? Let’s find out. 

Methods To Follow To Make Your iPhone Last Longer

  1. Keep Your iPhone Away From Water

According to a reliable company performing iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne, water is the enemy of most electronic devices. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone is rated IP67 or IP68 for water & dust protection because persistent exposure to water molecules can degrade the internals of your iPhone. Hence, it’s better to keep your phone dry at all times and free from any source of water or dust.

  1. Try To Protect Your Screen & Battery

The battery of your iPhone is an essential component and if that fails, then your iPhone will not power on. Therefore, you must take care of your iPhone battery with the following set of tips & tricks:

  • Avoid using apps that consume a lot of battery power. 
  • Avoid using wireless charging for your iPhone since it heats the phone and overheating can affect the battery longevity of your iPhone.
  • Avoid using your phone when charging.
  • Avoid fast-charging your phone at night (while you’re sleeping). You can instead use a slow charger. 
  • Avoid playing resource-intensive games on your iPhone for long periods because they overheat the internals of your smartphone. 

Furthermore, to keep the display of your iPhone safe, you’ll need to ensure that install a tempered screen protector on your iPhone’s display. Besides, you also need to use a phone case as well, so that in case of any drops, your phone will be saved. 

Additionally, avoid keeping your iPhone inside the same pocket where you keep your car keys, home keys and other items. Keys and other sharp items can scratch your iPhone screen. 

  1. Only Repair At Reputable Service Centres

According to a well-known store for iPad repairs in Melbourne, the process of iPhone repairing can be challenging & tricky. That’s why we always suggest visiting reputable service centres to get your iPhone repairs done in the best possible manner.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our suggestions and if you have any additional queries, feel free to let us know.

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