Proper Ways To Keep Your iPhone Safe When Visiting Beaches

If you’re living by the beach or visit beaches quite often, then you have to ensure that your smartphones are ready for the same as well. Even if you have steady hands, using an iPhone at the beach will always be a risky business. You’ll never know when it can get damaged with the saltwater of the sea or sand of the beaches, ultimately making it unusable. 

To avoid such complications, the following are some of the most fantastic procedures through which you can keep your iPhone safe when heading out to the beach.

Ideal Procedures To Keep Your iPhone Safe When Visiting Beaches

  • Get A Good Case For Your iPhone

Ensure that you use a good case for your iPhone. The case should be able to resist sand, drops and water. According to a professional iPhone screen repair in Melbourne, using a phone case will ensure that your phone stays safe even if you accidentally drop it on the sand or in the water while using it. Your phone’s internal components, as well as external surfaces, will remain free from scratches, dents, cracks or any other damages.

Moreover, ensure that the case doesn’t add more bulk to your iPhone so that you don’t face any hardships while using the same. Using a case will also protect the camera lens on your iPhone because sand can quickly scratch the camera glass. A scratched camera lens will lead to shooting blurry photos, which can prove to be a major nuisance in the long run. 

  • Keep The iPhone Out Of Direct Sunlight

Apple recommends using your iPhone at an optimum temperature between 32 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. But, you already know that the temperature at the beach will always be more than the aforementioned recommended range. As a result, you have to keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight and keep it either under a shade or inside your bag (the bag shouldn’t also be exposed to direct sunlight).

Additionally, we’d suggest not leaving your iPhone inside your car when you go out to the beach. Locked-up cars, especially on sunny days, can produce high temperatures inside which can even melt your iPhone internals. 

  • Never Charge Your Phone At The Beach

It must be remembered that the temperature of your iPhone increases when you charge it. That means, when you charge your phone at the beach via a power bank, there’s a chance of overheating and ultimately damaging the internals

Therefore, it’s always the best idea to take a fully charged iPhone at the beach, so that you don’t have to worry about charging and use the phone to shoot photos or videos, as you like.

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