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Phone shopping in Melbourne is an activity packed with opportunities and possibilities. From massive malls to glamorous arcades to iconic shopping streets, there are endless places to find a bargain. Melbourne’s most famous shopping locations include the bustling Bourke Street Mall, the upscale Chadstone Shopping Centre, and the historic Block Arcade, which offers high fashion in elegant, nineteenth-century heritage surroundings.
Shopping, however, is only one of the many things to do in Melbourne. As Australia’s cultural capital and a hub for business, staying connected in Melbourne is essential. Whether you’re chasing business opportunities or just trying to keep your finger on the pulse of arts and culture, it helps to have a high-quality phone with you.
The iPhone is packed with features for professionals and people with busy lives. The Do Not Disturb feature silences notifications so you can maintain your concentration, while the virtual receptionist feature can screen your calls for you, and the fast charge cuts down the time you have to spend waiting around. If the high cost of a new iPhone puts you off, it might be time to consider buying a refurbished iPhone in Melbourne.
If you’re wondering why you should buy a refurbished iPhone in Melbourne or even what a refurbished phone is, this article is for you. Give refurbished phones a chance, and you’ll see they’re better for your budget and the environment and a better deal in general. So where’s the best place to look for one? Right here at JMC Computers.
The Smartphone Refurbishment Process at JMC Computers

If you’re looking for a second-hand iPhone in Melbourne, you can find one without much effort. You can hunt in second-hand city stores until you find what you want. Or you can go online, which opens up even more freedom of choice and, in some ways, makes the decision even harder. When you buy a used iPhone in Melbourne from a stranger online, there’s no way to know what the quality will be like. And what if something goes wrong? Will you be covered under warranty?
An easy way to guarantee that you’re satisfied with your purchase is to buy refurbished.
Refurbished iPhones in Melbourne aren’t just second-hand iPhones. They’re iPhones that a retailer like JMC Computers has checked, tested, and prepared for resale. The JMC Computers team checks all the features of the phone—mic, camera, speakers, etc.—to ensure everything works as it should, including a battery life of at least 85%. Although they’re usually sold according to a grading system that ranks them on the state they’re in, used iPhones in Melbourne tend to be close to new, apart from maybe a few cosmetic imperfections.

JMC Computers can buy your old phone or let you trade it in for something new. Once it’s in our hands, we remove all the existing data and restore it to factory settings. At our Melbourne headquarters, we put the phone through a 72-point checking process that ensures the software and hardware still work to the standard you’d expect in Australia. This includes a battery life of at least 85%. We repair as many blemishes and imperfections as possible and do our best to return the phone to a condition as close as possible to new. Then we sell it with a warranty.

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished iPhone

Are refurbished iPhones in Melbourne worth buying? The question has a two-part answer, as there are excellent reasons to buy an iPhone if you haven’t already and many excellent reasons to buy it refurbished. When you combine both lists of reasons, the case for buying a refurbished iPhone in Melbourne becomes very persuasive!
If you’ve been an Apple user for a while, you’re no doubt already aware of most of the benefits of the iPhone: excellent camera quality, high-level security, and easy integration with other devices on the iOS ecosystem, just to name a few. Maybe you know all this already, and the only thing putting you off buying a second-hand iPhone in Melbourne so far is that shopping seems like a more secure option. Luckily, refurbished iPhones in Melbourne can solve that dilemma for you and really give you the best of both worlds. The top benefits of buying refurbished include:
It’s More Affordable
This one is obvious, but it’s the main reason most people buy refurbished. You can save hundreds of dollars on used iPhones in Melbourne and Australia-wide, sometimes even a grand.
There’s a Wide Range of Options
If you think refurbished phone retailers have a limited selection, JMC Computers will quickly put that idea to rest. Our range of used iPhones in Melbourne includes both old and new styles and models in different conditions with different benefits. There’s something for you, no matter what your price range is or which features you prefer.
It’s Better for the Environment
E-waste (electronic waste) is the fastest-growing kind of waste in the world. More than 140,000+ tonnes of electronic waste are generated per year in Australia alone, and discarded smartphones are a major part of that. When you buy a used iPhone in Melbourne or anywhere else, it means one less phone that needs to be manufactured and one less that gets tossed in the trash.

Is Buying a Refurbished iPhone the Best Choice for You?

For most people, buying a refurbished iPhone in Melbourne or another Australian city is an excellent choice. You can take your pick from a wide range of available iPhones to find something in exactly the style you want, which also happens to be good quality, cheap, and unlocked. Second-hand iPhones in Melbourne are suitable for all kinds of people, and no matter what you use your phone for, there’s sure to be one for you. Yet if you really have your heart set on buying the newest phone on the market, or you want your phone to look perfect with no chips or other imperfections whatsoever, buying a new one may be a better option for you.
JMC Computers can bring your search for a second-hand iPhone in Melbourne to an end. Take a look at the full range of refurbished iPhones on our website, and you’ll no longer have to browse second-hand shops and inner-city electronics stores to find a refurbished iPhone in Melbourne.
We keep our prices low and our phones fast and easy to purchase.And if you can’t afford the full price for the phone right away, we offer payment plans through AfterPay as well.

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