What Type Of Storage Should You Use To Backup Your Computer: External Hard Drives Vs Cloud Storage?

For multiple years, the gold standard was to purchase external hard drives and use the same to back up all of your critical data. Even though the process was time-consuming and cumbersome, people were ready to bear the same because of the data backup benefits those external hard drives provided.

However, the inclination is changing and people are moving towards cloud storage slowly. According to professional services for computer repairs in Melbourne, there are multiple reasons why cloud storage is becoming a better choice among consumers. Some of the reasons include:


  • Universal Access
  • Security
  • Sync Technology



So, if you’re confused between the two and want to know which one’s the best, then be sure to read through the advantages of each option.

The Benefits Of Using External Hard Drives


The Low Cost


There’s no uncertainty that external hard drives are quite inexpensive when you compare them to cloud storage. Moreover, you can find them easily on the market these days. Over time, external drives have become advanced and you can now find them in multiple different capacities depending upon your needs & budget. It’s a one-time investment that most people out there can easily bear without any issues.


The Faster Transfer Speeds


Back in the days, external drives used to have much slower read-write speeds than what they are today. Nowadays, with the emergence of USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, data transfer speeds over USB are blazing fast. Moreover, you can purchase external SSDs these days as well. SSDs are essentially super-fast flash storage that is faster than traditional external hard drives. Moreover, external SSDs are quite small as well compared to traditional hard drives.

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage


Greater Accessibility

As per professional Mac repair service providers in Melbourne, when you proceed to store your data on the cloud, you can unchallengingly access it from anywhere in the world. You’ll only need an internet connection and you can access your data via your computer, tablet or even a smartphone. This means that, unlike external hard drives, you don’t have to carry your data everywhere you go.


Better Security

External hard drives have the risk of losing your data anytime. Any physical damage or chances of data corruption is indeed high. Moreover, there’s also the chance of your data infected by malware. On the other hand, cloud storage is much more secure and malware-proof compared to external hard drives. You don’t have to agonise about your data getting corrupted or damaged over time. It’ll be free from all risks of data loss.

Thus, at the end of the heyday, you have to decide which option works the best for you. However, we’d always suggest going ahead with cloud storage.

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